Houston, Our Brain Has A Problem

August has not been a very good month for us, in terms of Producing Our Own Art, and lately we have begun to entertain the uncomfortable suspicion that perhaps there is a Reason why so many Artists are baristas, dishwashers, bartenders, etc.; the Reason being that it is significantly easier to leave the parts of one's brain required for the production of one's art supple and lithe when one is not occupied all day with a job that closely resembles what one would already like to be doing with one's time, with the notable exception that one's creative energy is expended in nurturing the talents of other people. Although when we have been a barista, dishwasher, bartender, etc., we have traditionally spent the majority of our free time complaining about humanity and drinking ourselves under the table, so possibly we are just lazy. Also, can a brain BE supple and lithe? We are not sure, but maybe we should retry having Deep Thoughts when we have not dragged ourselves home from an overly hip James-Dean themed dance night in the far recesses of Williamsburg at three in the morning of the day on which said Deep Thoughts are being endeavored. Whoooeee. Anyway. What about you, OPP, yeah you know me (Other People in Publishing! Get it?!?!? Get it?!?!? BEST NINETIES PUN EVER?!?!?)? Do you write? Do you care about writing anymore? Do you want to do anything when you get home besides crawl under your bed and hang out there with a nice aperitif and a stack of young adult fantasy novels? Do we need to find a different job? Can "Steve" even survive without us? Who will remind him to eat lunch? Who will reject his queries? Who will unearth the hidden gems of the slushpile? Who will astound the office with his/her sartorial experiments? Who will lead the Other Assistants in their quest for truth, justice, and office coffee that isn't gross?

On an unrelated note, watching the Sigur Ros documentary is totally making us want to move to ICELAND. Want to buy us a ticket? You know you do! We would DEFINITELY get our novel finished in ICELAND.