Dear author-friends, here is a pleasing secret for you: most agents are pretty smart, have a pretty good idea of what sells, and have pretty decent taste in books. Surprise! What does this mean for you? It means if your beloved novel/memoir/inspirational treatise receives one offer of representation, it will probably receive several more shortly thereafter. Super exciting for you, yes indeedy. However, whilst cavorting about your domicile in a state of ecstatic glee, please keep this in mind: submitting to multiple agents, and then emailing them all at once to say never mind, as you've accepted another offer and are withdrawing your manuscript, is sort of like offering to take someone out to dinner, encouraging them to order something particularly delicious, and then taking their plate away from them just as they're about to tuck in and handing it off to someone at a neighboring table. In other words: not polite. Remember, the agent ultimately is working for YOU. If an agent is pleased enough by your manuscript to make an offer, that agent will be equally pleased a week from now, and if that agent isn't totally impressed by your professionalism after you request said week to give other agents you've submitted to a chance to look at your book, that agent is probably not someone you want to be working with. Also, if, say, "Steve" is TWO HUNDRED EFFING PAGES INTO YOUR MANUSCRIPT AND GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT RE: ITS AWESOMENESS upon receiving your email withdrawing it, "Steve's" assistant--er, "Steve"--will probably HATE YOUR GUTS FOREVER. That's all. We will return to our regular programming of wailing, gnashing our teeth, and complaining about moronic query letters shortly. Thank you.