WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR BLOG?!? What happened is WE GOT FANCY, thanks to the indefatigable efforts of our Support Team, who stayed up until four in the morning EVERY DAY FOR A WEEK (on TOP OF a 55-hour workweek! for NO REWARD other than our delight!) to bring you our splendid new format. In addition to being an expert maker of soothing noises, cutter of hairs, sewer of garments, poacher of eggs, creator of beautiful objects, and calmer of rampaging Rejectionists (not to mention the only human being in the known universe both foolhardy and courageous enough to put up with us on a daily basis), our beloved Support Team is a total wizard of the internets!!! We hope you are as pleased as we are with our classy new look. Our content will not change, you may rest assured, dear Author-friends. Putting us in a nice outfit does not change the fact that we are bonkers.

So, HOW IS EVERYONE'S NANOWRIMO NOVEL? We offer our enthusiastic congratulations to those brave souls among you who have completed your 50,000 words. In the extremely unlikely event we go home and write 40,000 words this evening, we will be proud to join you. We ARE proud of ourself, however, for making our writing a priority this month, which is why we signed up in the first place, and thus we consider our efforts a Success. Who else Succeeded this month, hmm? You tell us, dear ones!

In other exciting November news, last week we received a PERSONALIZED REJECTION from a Prominent Literary Magazine!!!!!! ENCOURAGING US TO SEND MORE WORK!!!!! We could not have been more excited had said Magazine sent us a basket of unicorns!!!!!! And you think we don't know what you go through!!!!

THIS WEEK: Holiday book-buying guides! Exciting interviews! New Year's Resolutions! And, as always, MORE AWESOME!