Rejectionist is the New Cool

We have noticed an odd trend developing of late in the Office, where from time to time one of the Other Agents will emerge from their little agent-hole clutching some project proposal on a "counter-cultural," "edgy," or "outré" topic (tattooist memoir, Burning Man photo-essay, hippie childhood, Black Bloc semiotics manifesto, Nomadic Journey and Spiritual/Sexual Awakening Amongst [Insert Tribe/Ethnic Group Here]), scuttle to our desk (bypassing their own able assistants) and ask us if we think it is "cool."

We are not sure what it is exactly we have done to have earned this dubious privilege (giant fake-fur coat? spandex + cowboy boots? stuffing our face with homemade granola whilst frantically apple-tabbing every time an Agent walks past us looking at goth fashion blogs instead of working on the sub letter we are supposed to be writing for a book "Steve" hates as much as we do?) but these days we're infallible: if Le R. don't think it's cool, it ain't gonna fly. Our verdict of uncoolness alone has totally axed a number of Other Agents' projects (before you erupt into conniption, dear Author-friends, re: The Total Arbitrariness/Injustice/Agent-Dominated Conspiracy-ness of the Publishing Industry, let us please reassure your quavering little hearts that a. these proposals were very most likely not yours and b. they were really, really dumb. Also: the Publishing Industry is arbitrary and unjust. Sorry. SO IS CAPITALISM).

It does kind of make us wonder if somewhere, in some Illustrious Office of Super-High-Powered Agents, there is a Much More Career Track-Minded and Properly Dressed Assistant being all like, "OMG, a dude who is, like, a Cryptologistomancer, taking on the Catholic church, in a vast interconnected web of poorly-formulated conspiracy? That's, like, TOTALLY COOL!" Hmmm. Food for thought.