Today's Nanowrimo Inspirational Diatribe; Or, Don't Say We Never Did Anything For You

We signed ourself up for some kind of NaNoWriMotivation mailing list on accident, and are now receiving regular chirpy emails ("Eat chocolate! Take a break! Don't give up! NaNoWriMo LOVES therejectionist!" REALLY? you DO? are you SURE? we are a cranky pain in the ass and require extremely regular feedings, just ask our Support Team, and don't say we didn't warn you) that make us want to kick a puppy a little bit. But also remind us how IMPORTANT it is for us to ADHERE TO OUR GOALS. How are YOUR Goals doing today, Author-friends? Hmm? Hmm? Do your Goals need a little watering? Some snacks? A nice WHISKEY? We have faith in you, little tigers! Rowlr!

So maybe Our Goals are languishing quietly in the same dank hidey-hole wherein we have abandoned our Conscience, our Faith in Humanity, and our Work Ethic, but we're sure they will all get along JUST FINE TOGETHER.