How to Have Awesome Writing

Well! Lots of times people ask us for writing advices. Honestly, we haven't got any. Our Process: stare out window, check email 34,564 times, look at fashion blogs, plan out how we will spend our first Advance, whine to Support Team re: staggering lack of Rejectionist talent/complete failure as human being/general hideousness of visage, write one sentence, feed cat, repeat. This patented system proves effective about 50% of the time; the other 50% we give up and have a whisky. You can certainly give our method a try, but we don't necessarily recommend it.

So! why don't you try asking someone a little more, um, functional. LIKE YOURSELVES. Relentlessly clever Author-friend/fiancée CKHB has a fabulous mini-series of posts on writing. You should probably wallpaper your home with INTERN 's supremely excellent NaNoReVisMo series. Here is Author-friend Lydia Sharp's take on rules of fiction and why it's okay to break them. Here is a very nice post on criticism from Author-friend Ink, to whom we may or may not have also proposed marriage, we cannot actually remember, and you know you are getting a little ahead of yourself when you cannot even keep TRACK of your fiancé/es, but really being married to us would be, like, WAY MORE than a full-time job, just ask our poor long-suffering Support Team who is not even so unfortunate as to be contractually bound to our person, so it seems only fair to divide the labor, and anyway that hasn't got anything to do with writing, does it. Whooooeeee.

Finally, here is an entry on titled How to Have Awesome Writing ("Learn to have awesome writing and be the writer that you dream you can be." Difficulty: Moderate). We hope you find this item as delightful as we did.

What about you, little moppets? What's YOUR favorite writing advices?