No Retreat, Baby, No Surrender

Dear Ones! Flush with the glow of last week's victory, let us not forget that these nasty shenanigans have gone on for a long time, and Bloomsbury is certainly not alone in the deviltry of its practices. This kind of insidious and often difficult-to-recognize racism (well, difficult for white people, anyway) extends far beyond the publishing industry; even really famous people are not immune.

Lots of people asked us whether or not we thought Bloomsbury "did this on purpose." We would've loved to be a fly on the wall of the editorial meeting that happened after Ari's letter started circulating the internets; but the truth is, we don't know, and ultimately, it doesn't matter. What counts here is not intention but effect, and the effect is, in essence, the publishing industry telling people of color yet again that their faces don't deserve to be on the covers of books.

Well, that's a bunch of bullshit. It is so, so awesome that enough people speaking out last week caused a real change in the world. But! a battle is not the war, dear ones, and we still have a long way to go. Rest not your vigil! Slacken not your determination! Be fierce, be angry, be heard!

What most folks don't know about Rosa Parks is that she spent her entire life as an activist before the moment came when she refused to give up her seat on that bus and altered the course of history. You never know when you'll have a chance to make a difference, Author-friends. Even something as small as committing to reading more books by people of color matters; but we are always recruiting for the People's Army of Hell Yes if you are interested. You just let us know.