One of These Words Is Not Like The Other

1. "Bowl" and "Bowel" (See: "Only she has the power to use the magical Bowel of N'Irthrymia, filled with the Water of Clear Seeing")

2. "Shah" and "Shaw" (See: "Mortimer must fight the evil Shaw of Iran to the death before his terrorist plot to take over the Western World comes to fruition")

3. "Chick Lit" and "Chiclet" (See: "My novel falls into the genre of Chiclet")

4. "Heroin" and "Heroine" (See: "I think you will love my heroin as much as I do")

5. "Feat" and "Feet" (See: "Will his extraordinary feet be enough to save his people?")

And finally: One's interest is "piqued," one "peeks" around a corner, and a "peak" is found atop a mountain. One "pores" over a manuscript to be sure it is free of error, whilst "pouring" the Assistant a much-needed drink.

For what it's worth, we cut y'all a lot of slack in the typo department. Contrary to popular belief, we are also human. But do give proofreading a try in the New Year.