Stuff We Did This Weekend; Or, Our Life Is Queries

1. Went to see Daybreakers. First 15 minutes: AMAZING. Rest of movie: So dumb we were shouting things at the screen periodically (along with everyone else in the movie theater, so it's not like we were annoying anyone, we promise). During the movie we found ourself thinking, "But this is EXACTLY like when we get an incredible, smart, funny query for something with a genius premise (see a scary, awesome preview for a post-apocalyptic vampires movie) and request the ms with great joy (go see the movie in the theater on opening night because we are so excited) and the first five pages (fifteen minutes) are mindblowing and then suddenly everything goes to shit and we are left wondering if the remainder of the manuscript (movie) is even written (filmed) by the same PERSON, it is so asinine, and we notice more and more plot flaws (plot flaws) and really irredeemable problems (seriously, has Ethan Hawke WASHED HIS HAIR since filming Reality Bites? and also WHY DON'T THE HUMANS JUST GO ON THEIR SUPER PERILOUS MISSIONS DURING THE DAYTIME WHEN THE VAMPIRES ARE ASLEEP? and also DO THEY NOT HAVE BRAS IN 2019? IS A BRA SO HARD TO COME BY IN A WORLD THAT STILL CLEARLY PROVIDES MAKEUP, SHAMPOO, AND LAUNDRY DETERGENT? BECAUSE REALLY WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE IS A PROLONGED GRATUITOUS BOOB SHOT, GENTLEMEN)" and then we realized we were thinking about query letters while at the movies OMG OUR LIFE IS QUERIES.

2. On the subway home sat across from a young gentleman explaining the plot of his novel-in-progress to his date ("So there's a serial killer, and the cops are chasing him from city to city, and they can't catch him and all the police in all the major US cities are banding together to catch this guy and then the twist is that the SERIAL KILLER IS A LION THAT ESCAPED FROM THE ZOO") and then we realized that we were, like, being queried on the subway, basically, and OMG OUR LIFE IS QUERIES.

3. Went running. Didn't think about queries. Accidentally ended up in the middle of a parade.