Today's Little Rainbow

Dear sweet baby Jesus, this is AMAZEMENT. Also totally killing it is the demise of the apostrophe in part three.

On an unrelated note, we all saw this yesterday, did we not? All we can say is THANK GOD SOMEONE IS TAKING A STAND AGAINST THIS HORROR. As you know, Author-friends, what's wrong with America today is SMALL CHILDREN USING THE DICTIONARY. WE looked up "fuck" on a WEEKLY BASIS as a small child and LOOK HOW WE TURNED OUT. Hateful and deranged, Author-friends, hateful and deranged. Though it is too late for us, we can only hope that the Rejectionists of the future will be spared the festival of depravity that is our wretched, profligate, ostentatious, slovenly, amoral, lugubrious, indigent, misanthropic, dictionary-induced life. No matter if the entire rest of the world thinks America is a nation of morons! To be great is to be misunderstood! MORALITY WILL PREVAIL!