Agents: Also Human

Last week we received this missive from Author-friend Sanjay Marwaha, which we present to you without comment.

Dearest RJ !!!

One of the strangest things in my not-so-long life happened to me today.

As you know, I have been polluting the mailwaves (be they electronic or snail) with query letters for some weeks now. I have an expected mix of rejections and interest, requests for anything from pages, to chapters, to a full m/s. I keep my head up and my loins girded !!!

Today - I received a letter from an agent that defied description - although I will do my best...

It was a fairly large and heavy envelope.

I tugged and ripped and finally had the darn thing open. Tipping out the contents on my dining table, it took me some time to figure out what I was looking at.

The envelope was filled with numerous queries and partial submissions and a note which read, "Hey Dan (name changed), put these with the others."

Well, needless to say, my name is not Dan and by a happy coincidence, I don't have the others!!!

My ever-more-intelligent friend surmised that this was intended as some internal post at an agent's office and was mistakenly sent to me. I have a happy picture of Dan, sitting at his desk, pulling open an envelope and being told that his submission is 'not right for my agency at this time and I wish you all luck in your search for representation'...

Thought you might get a kick out of this!