Some More Public Service Announcements

The televised version of Author-friend/interview alumnus Carleen Brice's book Orange Mint and Honey (Lifetime changed the title to "Sins of the Mother") airs tonight! Go watch it! Buy Carleen's book! Send Carleen fanmails! HUZZAH CARLEEN!

Also, we were totally not the most fabulous person at the Kevin Sampsell reading. That was, like, eighty of the hottest people we have ever seen at a literary event in our entire life. Nice work, Brooklyn! We were also overjoyed to discover the delightful Justin Taylor, who read a very, very funny story from his collection Everything Here Is the Best Thing Ever, which we bought, and read, and it is in fact the best thing ever! We would have sworn to you it is utterly impossible to write clever, poignant, and hilarious stories about twentysomething white hipsters BUT JUSTIN TAYLOR HAS PROVED US WRONG.

Please do not take this as encouragement to continue sending us stories about twentysomething white hipsters, gentlemen of Brooklyn. Some things you just don't want to try at home, bless your little hearts. Okay? Okay.