Some Public Service Announcements

1. Who do we love? Kevin Sampsell. Who else do we love? WORD bookstore. What do we love even more? KEVIN SAMPSELL READING AT WORD BOOKSTORE. How about that!

2. The Brown Bookshelf has a super-awesome project going this month called 28 Days Later, spotlighting twenty-eight YA, MG and picture book authors of color. There are great interviews and lots of book recommendations. If anyone knows of a similar project for the grownups please let us know.

3. We have been listening to a lot of Bon Jovi lately. Like, A LOT (what, and YOU never do anything cheesy? SHUT UP). So if you get a form rejection reading REJECTIONIST LIVES FOR THE FIGHT CAUSE THAT'S ALL SHE'S GOT or possibly SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU'RE TOO LATE YOU GIVE QUERIES A BAD NAME, it's from us.

4. Author-friend/fiancé(?) Ink has PUBLISHED AN INFANT HAD A BABY why don't you go and CONGRATULATE HIM. Congratulations, Author-friend Ink!

5. Colleen Mondor has a great article at Bookslut on whitewashing in publishing.

6. NO REALLY, you got a PROBLEM with BON JOVI we can TAKE THIS OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE. Someday maybe when our mom isn't reading we will tell you about the time we got into a barfight in Iowa over a Joy Division song.