To Be Great Is To Be Misunderstood

Today's outfit: ribbed cashmere leggings worn as drop-crotch trousers, "Las Vegas" t-shirt, enormous white faux yak-fur vest, cowboy boots, many rhinestone necklaces and by "many" we mean, like, ten.

Homeless gentleman on subway: MEOW! SEXY KITTY!

Small child on subway: Mommy! What IS that?

"Steve": Oh! My, that's... I am... are you going somewhere after work?

Le R.: It's FASHION WEEK, "Steve."


"Steve": Oh, I thought maybe you had started some kind of medication.

Don't forget! KEVIN SAMPSELL AT WORD BOOKSTORE, TONIGHT! We will be the most deranged-looking fabulous person there, if you want to say hi.