Today's Fashion Week Moment(s)

Even more hypnotically soothing than Puppycam: watching Gareth Pugh make a (pretty sick, totally work-appropriate, we swear) dress. It is perfectly satisfying with the sound off if you are, you know, at work or something dumb like that; but you won't get to hear the part about seven minutes in where he's all like, "Ah shit, I foocked up the shoulder," in his charming little accent. The link opens a really dumb video of Raquel Zimmerman gyrating around; click on the 'Process' video below it. COME ON GO THERE WITH US. Talking about publishing all the time is BOOOOOOOORING.

Also! speaking of fashions! Dean Spade is currently #1 on our fiancé/es list. Hot damn. Read Dean's whole article here; it is 100% guaranteed to make you smarter.

Also! Threadbared blog is BANANAS AWESOME. This blog is equally #1 on our fiancé/es list, because we are totally pomo like that.

YES we are going to talk about fashions all week IT IS FASHION WEEK, PEOPLE, and LIKE WE SAID PUBLISHING IS KIND OF BORING. You should see what passes for fashions in THIS office. What these people would do without us, we have no idea.