Today's Kōan

If the assistant wears a Slayer shirt to work, but with a giant scarf, so that one might have some difficulty discerning that the assistant is in fact wearing a Slayer shirt, and the agent forgot to tell the assistant about a super-important meeting with a hotshot editor, is the assistant still technically wearing a Slayer shirt to the important publishing meeting?

On an unrelated note, did we all see that the television adaptation of Author-friend Carleen Brice's novel was the SECOND MOST-WATCHED ORIGINAL MOVIE IN THE HISTORY OF THE LIFETIME NETWORK???? Sorry, what was that? Was someone saying some bullshit about main characters of color not being commercially viable? THAT'S RIGHT, WE DIDN'T THINK SO.

CONGRATULATIONS AUTHOR-FRIEND CARLEEN! Why don't we all say that together now, VERY LOUDLY!