5 Traits That Bag an Boyfriend Agent, Courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine

At Cosmo's Fun Fearless Males the Booker Awards, Mario Lopez Hilary Mantel confessed, "I'm not really working on trying to find Ms. Right an agent. I'm kind of working on being Mr. Right a totally amazing writer, and it will happen." It got us thinking: Not only is Mario Hilary freakin' hot, [s]he's also pretty damn insightful. And experts agree: Before you go looking for your other half the perfect agent, you may want to work on yourself book first.

Here are the qualities that make you more desirable to guys agents. Think of it as your pre-dating querying to-do list.

1. You're just that into yourself.

A chick writer may have smarts, sex appeal, and a sense of humor, but if s/he doesn't have self-confidence, most guys agents will take a pass. Womenriters with low self-esteem come across as extremely needy, explains Jim Houran, PhD, relationship psychologist and feature columnist for OnlineDatingMagazine.com. They have to be the center of attention and are constantly looking for reassurance and compliments. And even if you find an guy agent who at first is willing to be your personal cheerleader, before long s/he's probably going to start to agree with all the crap you say about yourself book and take a hike.

2. You've got a burning passion...and not just for him an agent.

Whether it's writing is a hobby or a job, men agents are undeniably attracted to women with clear interests writers who are passionate about their work, write because they love writing, and have lots of enthusiasm, according to Houran. The benefits are twofold: The guy agent won't feel totally responsible for your happiness — a huge weight to put on a new love interest agent-writer partnership — and s/he'll be more inclined to want to be a part of your multifaceted life writing career.

3. You know how to compromise.

This is one of the most important skills to have if you're looking to get into a long-term relationship, emphasizes Houran. Being flexible is a huge turn-on to guys agents, since it means less conflict and a smoother partnership in general, he adds. If an guy agent senses that the girl he's dating writer s/he's signing isn't willing to try to meet both their needs, s/he envisions a future of trivial disagreements, fighting, and ultimatums — not exactly the makings of a happy twosome. Prove you know how to compromise early on by letting him/her weigh in on the restaurant choice editing process or not acting annoyed if s/he needs to reschedule plans phone calls or meetings.

4. You dress for guys online critique groups, not girls agents.

If you[r book is] not turning heads, it could be because you're looking girl-hot and not guy-hot sending out an ms with sloppy errors - typos, inconsistencies, or significant grammatical errors. Polish that shit until you can see your reflection! Skinny jeans, babydoll dresses, peasant tops — all supercute, but you might as well be wearing a Snuggie. Men want to see curves, so stick with sexy the remainder of this item is redacted because the Rejectionist found it too horrifying to repeat even for the purposes of satire.

5. You're over your ex first draft.

Nothing kills a budding romance agency agreement quicker than being hung up on an old boyfriend draft of your book. So before you get serious with a new guy agent, make sure you're not hoping — or worse, trying — to get back together with the ex or looking for someone just like him resurrect a draft - or worse, an entire first novel - that's totally unsalvageable. It's relationship-repelling for two reasons: No dude agent wants to feel like s/he's in an unwinnable competition signing an author who can't handle editing, and if you're living in the past, you won't truly be motivated to meet and make a connection with new guys work on new projects. So ladies Author-friends, move on and get an upgrade revise.