FRIDAY; Or, This Week in Queries, With Albatrosses, Demonic, For the Use of

So maybe in the future one of you dear little creatures! will come to literary events with us! and when we are going on at the sizzling afterparty about how terrible someone's story was! you will tug at our arm and say REJECTIONIST THAT PERSON IS STANDING BEHIND YOU!! But it WAS a terrible story, and maybe the universe WANTED the author to know it was a terrible story, and so used the medium of our person to convey this message, and who are we to tamper with the machinations of fate! and anyway it wasn't our fault that CHARMING young man from the catering company took such a SHINE to us and kept refilling our wineglass, WAS IT?

LOTS of people wrote us to thank us for rejecting them this week, or sent us very plaintive missives re: their grandiose aspirations and subsequent failures in the arena of publishing, and we thought of YOU LOVELY PEOPLE and responded to every one of them! so nicely! with helpful links! Maybe also because we just watched all of Life in the Freezer, and the sad little query-friends reminded us greatly of clamoring albatross chicks, and for a moment we envisioned ourself as the far-ranging albatross parent vomiting up the squid of consolation and wisdom into their hungry mouths as we pressed SEND, and now that we wrote that it sounds kind of weird, but metaphor is a very personal language. Peep, peep, wee chicks! Peep!

Lots of demons this week! Scandalous demons, sizzling demons, demons tormented by the Desire to Be Good, steaming hot demon dumplings! Demons are NAUGHTY NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!!!! Maybe we will write a Mem-wah about Queries! And call it Angels and Demons! Isn't that a great title? Angels! and Demons! Strangely familiar, and yet possessed of a certain différance ! Angels and Demons and Derrida: Our Life In Slush OH GOD WE ARE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSING OUR MIIIIIIIIIIIND