Misstallica Will Take Your Feeble Werewolf and Raise You a Master of Puppets

Last night we were coming home quite late when we spotted two visibly inebriated gentlemen staggering toward us with their arms around each other, bellowing. As we got closer, we realized they were sharing an iPod, with one ear bud per gentleman, and singing along quite loudly to "Don't Cry." No jokes. It is kind of awesome when one declares Metal Week and the UNIVERSE AGREES.

For today's metal moment we present to you Misstallica, an all-girl Metallica cover band whose members are still in or have recently left high school (they used to be called "Clitallica" but one of their MOMS made them change it HOW GREAT IS THAT). It sounds like a cute gimmick until you go see them and they blow the left hemisphere of your brain out your ear. Being pushed up against the stage by a mass of huge, fist-pumping 45-year-old man-metalheads bellowing in sheer joy at the mindblowing amazement that is Gigi Gleason (pictured) was, like, life-altering. So! What are you waiting for? Hmmm? GO SEE THEM. Or, as one of their internet fans put it, "why would u pay $60 to see metallica for the 90th time wen u can see these chicks for ten and they rule harder."