Some Things We Overheard At the Office This Week, Also Paul Constant Is the Best, Also An Announcement

"No, she's not supernatural. Just compelling."

"That guy has his head so far up his own ass it's a wonder he can see well enough to write a book."

"Are you saying to me in code that she's an idiot? Because you know I don't do idiots."

In other news, interview alumnus/fiancé contender Paul Constant, who is possibly the only person in the world who has read more books than us (hey, we didn't say they were all GOOD books, did we), has started an exciting new matchmaking service. Can't think of what to read next? Paul will help you! How clever is that? So clever! AND he likes Elaine Dundy! Who you should all go read RIGHT NOW!

So maybe it is extremely possible that NEXT WEEK WE WILL BE HAVING THE MOST AMAZING CONTEST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF PUBLISHING BLOG CONTESTS WITH ALL DUE RESPECT TO NATHAN BRANSFORD. Maybe our contest is SO AMAZING that we made A WHOLE AMAZING THEMED WEEK WITH WHICH TO HOUSE OUR CONTEST. Maybe that might happen! Maybe you will find out on Monday! Maybe we walk these streets! a loaded six string on our back! we play for keeps! 'cause we're not coming back! we been everywhere! and we're standing tall! we've seen a million faces AND WE'RE ROCKING ON AND YOU BETTER ROCK RIGHT ON WITH US SEE YOU MONDAY AUTHOR-FRIENDS!!!!!