Stuff We Did This Weekend

1. Went running. Again did not think about queries. This time accidentally ended up in the middle of a sixteen-block Purim celebration complete with legions of small children costumed as stuffed animals, princesses, King David, and police officers (?); young Hasidic gentlemen standing on the roofs of "Party Buses" doing covert dances to Hebrew techno; and many, many persons dressed as clowns.

2. Oh look! It's Women's History Month! Also known as "Those 31 Days One or Two Public Officials Pretend They Give a Shit About the Ladies So As to Guiltlessly Spend the Other 334 Days of the Year Denying Us Reproductive Rights, Paying Us Less, Taking Away Our Children, Refusing Us Healthcare, and Passing a Bunch of Really Creepy Legislation--and That's Just in the U.S.!!!" In honor of Women's History Month, we will be boycotting the state of Utah. Also in honor of Women's History Month, we will be attending the midnight screening of one of the best feminist movies ever made next weekend, where we will be the lady screaming FUCK YES RIPLEY and pretending all the aliens are Utah senators.

3. Received random mass email from mysterious personage entitled "Edward Champion" which we almost deleted but then it turns out this entity is also affiliated with "The Bat Segundo Show," a podcast series of interviews with, like, almost every interesting author in the universe. Thanks, Edward Bat!

4. Pretty sure the gun laws in Utah are really, really lax. Food for thought.