Happy International Raistlin Majere Day!

We were quite startled (and DELIGHTED) to discover how many fellow Raistlin fans lurked quietly amongst our beloved Author-friends! And so, in an expression of great joy and solidarity, we have officially declared today, Thursday, April 8, INTERNATIONAL RAISTLIN MAJERE DAY. Today is a day to celebrate all things Raistlin! Why don't you take a little sojourn in Raistland (GET IT? RAISTLAND??? OMG), the premiere Raistlin-fan website! buy a Raistlin shirt! befriend Raistlin on Facebook! who knew you could even CALL RAISTLIN AT HOME?!?!? Fucking bananas! EVERYONE LOVES RAISTLIN!! Seriously.


1. Drink some bitter, smelly tea! Dandelion root, burdock, and astragalus are all quite rank, and have the additional benefit of being good for your liver.

2. Sneer. A lot. If you have to, practice your sneer in the bathroom until it's really terrifying.

3. Put yourself first. All day. Would Raistlin eat the last cookie at the staff meeting? YES HE WOULD.

4. Be kind to someone less fortunate. Remember, Raistlin showed great kindness to the humble and unloved gully-dwarf Bupu! Even the meanest among us can secretly harbor a boundless love for the oppressed!

5. Be smarter than everyone else all day. Carry around books no one at your workplace will understand. Make exasperated noises a lot and stomp off when people say things you find displeasing.

6. Quietly but ruthlessly mock jocks and people who are more attractive than you. Tell them you can see what they'll look like when they're really old and hideously ugly. Stare at them until they become uncomfortable and look away, then laugh.

7. Make whispered pronouncements in a dead language. Say things like "I must travel roads that will be dark and dangerous before the end of my long journey" while looking very solemn.

8. Go home and change into a red bathrobe. Hang out looking sinister. Throw fireballs at your enemies.

How shall YOU celebrate INTERNATIONAL RAISTLIN MAJERE DAY, Author-friends? Tell us!!!!