Unprecedented Interactive Opportunity with the Rejectionist! Also, John Bellairs

The other day we finally tidied our magical Writing Area and were so pleased with ourself we thought we might share photographs and perhaps a small essay on this wondrous corner of our apartment with our beloved Author-friends! And THEN we began to wonder about the Writing Areas of our Author-friends, and thought how nice it would be if our Author-friends had an opportunity to share THEIR photos and/or essays! SO HERE IS OUR BRILLIANT IDEA. On FRIDAY JULY 2, ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, the Rejectionist shall publish an Ode to Her Writing Area! And if you feel like it, dearest Author-friends, why don't YOU post an Ode to YOUR Writing Areas on your author-blogs sometime this week, and then LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE COMMENTS next Friday, and everyone can ooh and aah over everyone else's special place of genius, whether that is a corner of the reading room at the New York Public Library or a corner of your living room which has been barricaded from the interventions of your offspring.

So: post anytime this week! or if you already did a post of this nature long ago that's fine too! and link in comments on Friday! NOT TODAY! NEXT FRIDAY! It's not a contest or anything, just for fun and sharing. Okay? Okay!

Also: Today the Rejectionist pontificates on John Bellairs over at the Sharp Angle, blog of long-time Author-friend Lydia Sharp!