And the Unwinners Are!

So, we changed the rules! HOW LIKE AN AGENT THE ASSISTANT BECOMES. The rules are now: shameless pandering will earn you a reward! And since Sarah Einstein specifically mentioned restarting her blog for the express purpose of winning a Rejectionist mix CD, SHE GETS ONE. (Someone else mentioned this also, and we cannot find you again amongst the many wonderful posts, so if that person was you we shall send you a CD; just remind us.) Lydia Sharp TWEETED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FANTASTIC ESSAYS, and for this labor she too shall receive a CD!

The three remaining Mix-CD Prizes, and BOY ARE THEY PRIZES, we DID award randomly, by picking every thirteenth participant! So, joannehuspek, walkinginpublic, and Katrina L. Lantz, CONGRATULATIONS.

ALL OF YOUR POSTS brought us so much joy, we cannot even TELL YOU. What mightily brave and wondrous creatures you all are! We have crafted a Very Special Missive of Encouragement from Us to You, which we shall post tomorrow, as a response to your magnificent efforts. We remain in your debt, dear ones! Thank you again for being such a delight over the last year! Toil bravely, ever onward! And, in the immortal words of the only boss we listen to: NO RETREAT BABY NO SURRENDER.

Please, dear unwinners, email us your addresses at rejectionistandyourmom[at], and we shall issue your swag anon!