We know that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU rushed out to purchase your very own copy of His Own Where the SECOND WE REVIEWED IT, such is our Mighty Influence upon your tender Author-minds! But in case one or two of you forgot to buy it, Ari is giving away a copy. Go and wish her a happy blogoversary while you're at it! AND HOW DO WE WISH ARI A HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY? By WRITING A LETTER TO THE CEOS OF BORDERS AND BARNES AND NOBLE ASKING POLITELY FOR MORE BOOKS BY AND ABOUT PEOPLE OF COLOR. That's how. Here is a nice sample letter if you need help. Jaime Carey is the CFO of B&N and Michael Edwards is the President and CEO of Borders. We found their emails with some diligent Googling. Just saying. YOU LIVE FOR THE FIGHT WHEN THAT'S ALL THAT YOU'VE GOT.