Insert Animated .gif of The Rejectionist Jumping Up And Down And Screaming Obscenities

Image from dear fiancé/e Triceratophat

GOD DAMMIT KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. THEY DO NOT MAKE A FONT BIG ENOUGH FOR HOW SICK WE ARE OF THIS SHIT. You know why this fucking book didn't sell? BECAUSE THE FUCKING BUYERS AT THE FUCKING CHAIN STORES DIDN'T LIKE THE ORIGINAL COVER. Not because the PEOPLE WHO BUY BOOKS didn't like the cover, let's be clear; those people didn't even have A CHANCE TO DECIDE because A COUPLE OF WHITE PEOPLE who, very literally, make the buying decisions for the majority of the physical bookstores in the entire country were like, ehhhhhh, Asians, no vampires, no thanks for our store. And you know what? That is fucking cold-blooded and it's fucking racist. WE DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT ANY MORE, AUTHOR-FRIENDS. We want to talk about kittens and how gay Sherlock Holmes is and our self and the really awesome book we are reading right now and how tired we are of people who compare their books to Eat Pray Does Your Man Smell Like Old Spice or whatever that fucking book is called. We don't want to talk about racism any more than you want to listen to us talk about racism DO YOU UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALSO VERY TIRED OF THIS SUBJECT BUT IT KEEPS MOTHERFUCKING HAPPENING.

We're going to go kick a wall and get drunk and go to bed. Don't forget tomorrow is writing corner day. GAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCKING MOTHERFUCKERS.