The Rejectionist Wants Your Guest Posts!!!!!

So, Keith Popely, we have not forgotten about the comment you left many moons ago on our book review for Author-friend Lydia Sharp! If you recall, this is the question you asked:

Is it okay to appreciate a work whose author or the work itself espouses some rather indefensible opinions?

Funny you should ask that! Because this is something the Rejectionist thinks about quite a lot!

Here is a somewhat parallel set of questions we think about a lot:

Let's say you are a lady. Or a person of color. Or a queer person. Or a trans person. Or a person living with a disability. Or, god forbid, a disabled queer trans lady of color. Or one of any number of other kinds of people (hint: the not white-heterosexual-able-bodied-male kinds of people) whose experiences are often overlooked in fiction! BUT you are also a person who greatly enjoys READING fiction! How do you deal? Where do you draw the line on what's too repudiating of your life/experience/body to tolerate, and what do you give a pass 'cause you love the story so much? How do you read stories that are most emphatically not about you, and in which you may even appear as a character who is objectified, represented in really stressful ways, or erased altogether? Do you eschew "classic" or "canonical" stories that may be racist/misogynist/heterosexist/&c., or do you embrace them with reservations? Do you love a genre that has a nasty history of sketchy politics (AHEM SCIENCE FICTION)?

WELL: THE REJECTIONIST WANTS TO KNOW. The Rejectionist is also imagining that the answers to these questions may be very different, depending on who's responding! So why don't YOU write a guest post for the Rejectionist! And send it to us!!! Hmmm? This isn't a contest either; it is an amalgamation of AWESOME, is what it is. We do have a few guidelines, for our own health and sanity:

1. Hopefully it is clear from the above, and also our entire modus operandi over the last year, but: the Rejectionist is particularly interested in the perspectives of people who find themselves at the margins of the dominant culture. Those people are very well aware of who they are. Just putting that out there. "I am a white gentleman, and novels featuring strong lady characters leave me feeling emasculated" is probably not a submission that we will read very thoroughly. Lucky for you, gents, the rest of the internet is your oyster. As is, you know, the government, the canon, the entirety of capitalism, and the media. So console yourselves with that.

2. Please put "guest post submission" or something to that effect in the subject header.

3. Please send your guest post submission to us at rejectionistandyourmom[at] by August 5th.

4. It is 100% fine to submit an item under a name that is not your legal name/the name you usually blog under/what have you.

OKAY! HUZZAH! Have at it! We are very excited to hear your thoughts on this matter!!!