Stieg Larsson Beatdown!

Here's another thing we don't like! It's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! We wrote about it for Tiger Beatdown, using far too many semicolons! MOM DON'T READ THIS POST THE VIOLENCE WILL UPSET YOU.

Oh, and P.S.: if you want some examples of REALLY AMAZING ESSAYS by people writing about engaging with media from the perspective of being marginalized, why don't you check out this seriously incredible piece by Bao Phi on being a Nerd of Color. It is so good you should tattoo it upon your heart. Here is an excellent piece by Garland Grey, also at Tiger Beatdown, which is where all the smart people are at this moment, if you were wondering, on being a Gay Nerd (be sure to check out the linked interview with Courtney Stoker on being a Lady Nerd.)

You will note something that all of these people have in common! Which is: aside from writing about nerdery, THEY ARE NOT WHITE HETEROSEXUAL BIODUDES.* That's what MARGINALIZED means, folks! We sort of thought that was clear? But apparently not, which is why all the comments are gone from yesterday's post, including the nice ones, because we just ARE NOT IN THE FUCKING MOOD THIS WEEK. So, if you ARE a white heterosexual biodude, you don't actually GET to have an opinion about reading as a marginalized person! BECAUSE YOU AREN'T ONE.** Okay? Clear now? Thanks. The comments are also closed on this post! Goddamn, do we wish we had a "comments closed" button in real life! Would that not be amazing and transformative! If you want to tell us how brilliant our semicolon-riffic TBD essay is, go do it over there!

*Lots of folks use "cisgendered" in place of this, which is a much better word, but does not have the same je ne sais quoi that makes "biodude" so satisfactory to us personally. ****UPDATE: You know what, "biodude" is not okay. Thanks to the person who brought this up with us. "Cisbros" was the suggested alternative, and one we shall use forthwith.*******

**You can talk to us about class, maybe? But you will have to make it really convincing. Like, REALLY convincing.