We're Not Dead

Just lying inert on the floor with a fan pointed at our head and a number of wet towels draped about our person. We will return when we are capable of forming coherent sentences! i.e. when it is not one hundred degrees! REJECTIONISTS! DO! NOT! LIKE! TO! BE! HOT!

In the meantime, why don't you go tour Bookshelf Porn, our favorite new blog! WHY IS THIS NOT OUR HOUSE IT'S A GUEST HOUSE THEY'RE NOT EVEN USING IT! Here is a drool-worthy assemblage of 45 beautifully designed book covers! Here is a project we are very dorkily excited about! Last but not least (and totally unrelated) we present an utterly charming series of Star Wars fashion illustrations by John Woo! JANGO FETT IN CDG OMG ADORBS!