Guest Post Week is Here At Last!!!!

AT LONG LAST! it is our promised GUEST-POST WEEK! HUZZAH! And LITERALLY as we type these words, the most ungodly boom of thunder ever sounds across the skies of Brooklyn, and Lola Pants, who has been quietly observing our typing from atop our monumental Pile of Stuff We Put In One Place to Remind Us of Things We Have to Do, has leapt to her feet and skittered madly across our desk, knocked over the rosemary, sent the preliminary sketches for our Top Secret Awesome Rejectionist Project flying, and is now cowering under the couch, from whence she refuses to budge. So how is THAT for an omen! the marginalized speak, and the heavens motherfucking open!! !!! !!!!!

So here is where we make a confession to you, beloved Author-friends! You know what the Rejectionist HATES? Rejecting people. Seriously. Kind of ironic, no? It's like rain on your wedding day, or some shit. A free ride when you've already paid, &c. We got SO MANY completely amazing submissions, and it was like a fistful of knives in our heart trying to narrow them down to five. SO, if you are someone who wrote something for our Topic, and were not arbitrarily (is that a word? possibly that is not a word, our text editor red-underlined it--oh wait, no, we have just had too much sake and spelt it wrong, it's fixed now) selected by some random New York blogger (i.e. us) to have that post put up on her random often tedious and invariably sententious blog, and you want to put that post up on YOUR blog, why don't you link to it here in the comments! on this little guest-post week introduction! and then everyone can read YOUR post, too!

So this week, sit back! relax! enjoy the magical tinterweb stylings of some mighty wondrous people! We hope you think hard! Learn lots! Nod your head! REPRESENT!

Oooooookay, time to put away the sake.


le r.