Some Business

1. Feminist Science Fiction Week! Was that awesome, or what? Did the ladies bring it, or what? In fact, it was SO AWESOME we are going to do ANOTHER ONE. We'll keep you posted!

2. Guest post submissions! We got them! We got more than forty of them! (!!!) So it will take a moment for us to read everything and whatnot. By "moment" we mean "like, a week or two."

3. Super-brilliant blogger and writer Tasha Fierce is spearheading an anthology project called Occupied Bodies, "on women of color’s self-image/body image as shaped by family, friends, media, society, history, lived experiences, etc." She's accepting submissions until October 5, 2010. More here; also go read her blog, because it is excellent.

4. Because you didn't feel like working on your book today anyway: Kanye West's tweets as New Yorker cartoon captions. Yep, it's as amazing as it sounds.

Happy Monday! Carry on! And, for those of you who have not yet seen this (sent to us by about five different people):