Some Business

Well! That was a busy week, wasn't it! We all know what next week is, right? It is the week Mercury gets the hell out of retrograde, thank you universe, yes! But also it is BANNED BOOKS WEEK. Very apropos, given the theme of this week's activities, no? And an important reminder that book banning is, alas, as timeless a subject as rewriting history in Texas.

So here's an idea that's going around: Why don't we all post a review of our favorite banned book on Thursday September 30? WE KNOW, that is A LOT of assignments, if you are also participating in our Uncontest, WHICH YOU SHOULD BE, but you are WRITERS, are you not? Are writers not made of STERNER STUFF THAN MERE MORTALS? Hmmm? YES THEY ARE. Here's a list of banned books to start with! THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30 THE ENTIRE INTERNET REVIEWS ITS FAVORITE BANNED BOOK LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN AUTHOR-FRIENDS LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!!!!

In other news, The Rejectionist wishes to personally thank Mark H. of Indiana, who kickstarted our journey into sartorial nostalgia by posting a Bleach-era Nirvana tour shirt on ebay for the truly astonishing "buy it now" price of ten dollars (!!!!!!!). Just for us, apparently? We are determined to find a way to wear this item to work despite the rather prominent "CRACK SMOKIN SATAN WORSHIPPIN MOTHER FUCKER" emblazoned across its back. Rejectionist FTW! Happy weekend, Author-friends!