Inspired by this weekend's foray into the truly horrifying journals of the young Rejectionist, we bring to you an extra-special Uncontest of EPIC PROPORTIONS. It is the OFFICIAL REJECTIONIST PUBLIC HUMILIATION UNCONTEST and HERE IS HOW YOU ENTER, LITTLE ONES:

On MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27 the Rejectionist shall post DEEPLY EMBARRASSING EXCERPTS from her childhood journals. You know the drill: YOU publish on YOUR blog deeply embarrassing excerpts from YOUR childhood journals and link to them in the comments on that post. And then we will all laugh together at how far we have journeyed from those misty shores of yore, okay? Okay! So unearth those dusty notebooks! Show us your simpering sonnets, your most florid romantic confessions, your magnificently pretentious early attempts at philosophizing, your tortured love poetry! Bring on the WORST! Let the cringing begin!

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27!!! MASS PUBLIC HUMILIATION!!! MORTIFYING SECRETS REVEALED!!! It will be such total gnarlitude. Let's kick off Banned Book Week with Books We Probably Should Have Banned Ourselves From Writing! Okay? OKAY!