Bookclub Love

Here is a funny idea! Perhaps inspired by the literary matchmaking bulletin board at beloved WORD bookstore, here is a new-ish online dating service where one screens potential dates via their literary proclivities. It is enthralling, to say the least, to peruse other people's book lists and try to imagine how said lists are curated in order to pinpoint the perfect date.

Which begs the question, of course: What books would YOU put on your date-getting list, Author-friends? Would you try to make yourself seem more clever, or more funny, or just be honest (as one person wrote on her profile, “These books are not calculated to impress you. They are the books I honestly love or have learned from”)? What books in someone else's profile would make you never, ever want to contact that person, no matter how foxy they might be? What books would make you swoon with delight?