Stuff We Did This Weekend

1. Went to the New York Art Book Fair!!! IT WAS SO EXCELLENT WE DID A LITTLE DANCE. All ye fools decrying the end of the printed book should perhaps attend such an event, which leaves one with absolutely no doubt that a. the printed book is here to stay and b. people who love the printed book are, like, RIDICULOUSLY good-looking (we are not being at all facetious; both the exhibitors and attendees were seriously the foxiest crowd of people we have ever seen in one place in our entire life). Some highlights: the ever-fantastic Ugly Duckling Presse; the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative; and running into our beloved Chérie l'Ecrivain at the Riot Grrl zine exhibit "You Are Her," brought by the fine folks at Goteblud, along with a PHOTOCOPIER which attendees were INVITED TO UTILIZE. Okay, honestly, we didn't see a whole lot of the Art Book Fair, because we spent two solid hours bogarding the photocopier with Chérie, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT since we are now in possession of (among a number of other items) a copy of the original Bikini Kill zine AND coveted, impossible-to find issue #1 of Snarla, which will mean absolutely nothing to 99% of the people reading this sentence and absolutely everything to the remaining 1%. Also, if you want to impress a superlatively pulchritudinous and stylish crowd, the Rejectionist recommends sequined epaulettes, which have served us well at the New York Art Book Fair two years running (last year someone asked us if we were famous, and, when we said no, asked for our phone number). We tried to take some book fair pictures for you but were firmly discouraged by a security guard. You will have to take our word: the fair was totally inspiring, packed with people, and a supremely good time.


3. and then ran two miles straight uphill while feeling like a million bucks. HUZZAH PROTEIN.