Treats, Genius, YOU

Hooray to EVERYONE who contributed to BookorTreat, which raised over five hundred dollars for Unicef! Why don't you eat a cookie!

AND, since you are all clearly IN THE MOOD TO SUPPORT AWESOME STUFF, why don't you take a look at this COMPLETELY SUPERLATIVELY STUPENDOUSLY RAD project, the Gay Genius Comics Anthology! Yes, Author-friends, for a mere TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS, you can receive a 120+ page GAY GENIUS COMICS ANTHOLOGY OF YOUR VERY OWN! More than one of these lovely artists is a Personal Friend of the Rejectionist, including one very dearly beloved personage who has been our Bosom Companion since we were a misty-eyed little pup setting things on fire at age nineteen, and we are willing to PERSONALLY GUARANTEE his gay genius! You can donate ANY amount of money, from one dollar to a grazillion, and know that it is going to a worthy cause, but a donation of $25 will net you the finished Gay Genius Comics Anthology. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS IS NOT A LOT OF MONEY it won't even buy you SNACKIMALS in NEW YORK so why don't you just GIVE IT TO THESE NICE PEOPLE, and THEN YOU WILL HAVE AN EXCELLENT COMIC BOOK, which WE KNOW YOU WANT. We can SEE IT IN YOUR EYES, how much you want to support these gay geniuses DON'T EVEN TRY TO HIDE IT THE LIGHT IS SHINING FROM YOU LIKE A BEACON. Okay? OKAY!