Everyone Needs a Second Opinion; Plus, Adorable Babies!

May I beg you, the next time RODERICK is printed off, to go over the sheets of the last few chapters, and strike out ‘immense’ and ‘tremendous’? You have simply dropped them there like your pocket-handkerchief; all you have to do is to pick them up and pouch them, and your room - what do I say? - your cathedral! - will be swept and garnished.

I am, dear sir, your delighted reader,

P.S. - Perhaps it is a pang of causeless honesty, perhaps. I hope it will set a value on my praise of RODERICK, perhaps it’s a burst of the diabolic, but I must break out with the news that I can’t bear the PORTRAIT OF A LADY. I read it all, and I wept too; but I can’t stand your having written it; and I beg you will write no more of the like. INFRA, sir; Below you: I can’t help it - it may be your favourite work, but in my eyes it’s BELOW YOU to write and me to read. I thought RODERICK was going to be another such at the beginning; and I cannot describe my pleasure as I found it taking bones and blood, and looking out at me with a moved and human countenance, whose lineaments are written in my memory until my last of days.

--Letters to Henry James from Robert Louis Stevenson, sent to us by Maine Character.

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