OMFG AUTHOR-FRIENDS OMFG. GOD BLESS YOU, TINTERWEB. Are we are the only adult in the world who puts on Downward Spiral for our slightly tipsy 3am (IT'S SAFE MOM PROMISE) walk home from the subway, and has a total rapturous experience in the middle of the sidewalk right around "A Warm Place," that like maybe involves crying and talking to the largely invisible constellations, or whatever? That is why we are besties with our Chérie, because she is the only adult in the world who gets it, even if for her this magic is induced by Paul Westerberg and not Trent Reznor's cheesy quasi-industrial goth pretensions. Teens for life, y'all. (Sometimes in our gchats with Chérie we make up titles for the memoir of our friendship: Bad Decisions: A Tale of Platonic Love, or Where is the Whiskey: The Chérie-Rejectionist Story.) There are a handful of albums that take us straight back to that gasoline-burn hellbent madness of being sixteen and too smart and too pissed and too much for your own skin: Nine Inch Nails, pre-1999, does it for us every time. What about you? Tell us the first record that lit you up and let's go set some shit on fire.