Stuff We Did On Our Winter Vacation, Part Two; A Continued Exercise In Narcissism, With Further Analysis Of Vampire Habitats

After a pleasant sojourn in Seattle, it was off to the North Olympic Peninsula! Le R. Père was kind enough to loan us his work truck. Everyone knows REAL Olympic Peninsula vampires drive PICKUPS.

A restful day at the beach with Support Team:

Last but not least, a delightful hike along the Hoh River with le R. Père. Here is a pretty excellent, if unproofread, sign we missed on our last pass through Forks (A REMINDER: we are FROM THIS AREA. WE WERE BORN HERE. IT IS NECESSARY TO PASS THROUGH THIS TOWN IN ORDER TO ACCESS MOST NOP RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US ANY MORE HATEFUL EMAILS LAMBASTING US FOR VISITING FORKS. Thank you.):

Here is the telephone at the Hoh River trailhead, also very charming, for when one is obliged to dial up one's vampire paramour and cannot get cell reception in this remote area (le R. Père became very excited and insisted we be photographed with this item for the Author-friends, so please indulge him):

Some foliages and restful scenes!

We saw spawning Coho salmon! (We actually fell down a bank, damaging a not inconsiderable amount of native plant life in direct opposition to our "Leave No Trace" ethos, in order to obtain this photograph, so please appreciate it.)

When we said the trees were big, we weren't kidding!

We made it home safely despite the GIANT BLIZZARD OF LEGENDARY PROPORTIONS which descended upon New York in our absence, although we were nearly beaten to death by the forty desperate people trying to get standby seats on our flight. On the train from the airport, we sat next to a young man who methodically called his boss and several of his coworkers to say he had been unable to get on a plane to New York. "I'm at the airport now," he said, stretching his legs out on the seat in front of him. "It's like total Mordor in here. I have a good feeling about tomorrow. I bet I'll get on a flight tomorrow. But I don't know, man, I don't want to make any guarantees." When he hung up for the last time, he gave us a wink and went to sleep.