This morning we leapt out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and scampered out into the Brooklyn morning, which, although it might not be described as "warm," could certainly be called "lovely"! We were off to Park Slope, Jogger-Stroller Mafia Capital of the Western World, to meet our beloved psychic twin and jarmate* Chérie l'Ecrivain at the legendary Park Slope United Methodist Church Book Sale! Although we arrived early, the scene was already total mayhem. Little old ladies elbowed us in the ribs to get to the fiction table! Frenzied parents surged toward the Children's Room! Toddlers wailed! Bespectacled gents fought over the last Philip Roth! Our pictures do not do the madness justice! We may or may not have made a number of Very Snide Remarks about a certain Famous Punk Zinester, only to realize that personage was standing directly behind us! Oops! Oh well, what are bridges for, if not to be set afire by Rejectionists!

Here you may view our spoils and SERIOUSLY we want a fucking MEDAL for exercising this level of self-restraint. Technically the Joe Sacco is not ours, as it was purchased by a dear friend of Chérie's, but we made such a fuss about it that he kindly agreed to loan it to us. REJECTIONISTS ALWAYS GET THEIR WAY. Yes, if you were wondering, that is indeed The Lost World in French. We have promised to teach Chérie all the names of the dinosaurs en français.

Next it was off to a greasy spoon, for the GREASIEST of breakfasts, O DELICIOUS, and where Chérie and le R. attempted to explain Twitter to Chérie's friends (Chérie: "It's like being spam-mailed voluntarily twenty-four hours a day").

AND THEN we clambered aboard the R train toward the New York Rally for Women's Health! It was AWESOME! There were SO MANY PEOPLE! A lot of them were VERY good-looking! People who care about women's health are a FOXY bunch! The speakers were ON FIRE!!! It was so inspiring and reassuring to be surrounded by a very enthusiastic crowd of like-minded people who are not going to take this shit lying down!



Did you go to a similar rally this weekend? Did you post about it? Why don't you link to your post in the comments!

And let us not forget, shit is getting BURLY. Do you know some ladies? Do you like them? Then you need to take a little time to show it! Here is a letter to Congress you can sign, but please take an additional minute to find out how your representative voted and contact him or her! Email or call your senator to ask them to support Planned Parenthood! Remind them that 97% of Planned Parenthood's services provided are preventative--including STI testing, screenings for cervical cancer, and contraception! That Planned Parenthood is the ONLY healthcare provider for many low-income women! INCLUDING THE REJECTIONIST, okay? The government spends less money funding Planned Parenthood and the NEA COMBINED than it does on military marching bands. We are not making that up.

It is UNACCEPTABLE to deny women health care. It is UNACCEPTABLE to deny basic human rights to immigrants, documented or not. It is UNACCEPTABLE to take away working people's right to collective bargaining, and it's NOT A FUCKING COINCIDENCE that all of those things are happening at the same time at the behest of the same people SO LET'S GET THIS FUCKING PARTY STARTED, okay? Now is not the time to check out, as tempting as it is! In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Finally, today's writing exercise: Make up a story explaining how these items came to be on the sidewalk together. Yes, that is a hookah, a mail organizer, and a protractor. No, we did not put them there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dear creatures! We are going to go have a little celebratory nip of sake and watch some Inspector Lewis with Support Team! HUZZAH!

*We're both really into those Mutter Museum-style conjoined fetal twins preserved in jars of formaldehyde... okay, it's funnier in person.