This list is, like, 87% WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Let's correct it! (OMG, Author-friends, do we sound THAT obnoxious when we talk about New York? SORRY!!!!!). OUR favorite New York books, in no particular order, and off the top of our head: Netherland; A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; In the City of Shy Hunters; Generation Loss which is sort of cheating, fine, because mostly it is about Maine, but the parts about New York are so PERFECT; the first half of The Fortress of Solitude; Hotel de Dream; The Electric Michelangelo; Rat Bohemia; Chelsea Girls. Nonfiction: Minor Characters; Gotham; Up in the Old Hotel; Low Life; Just Kids. Kids' books: Harriet the Spy; From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler; Eloise; Shine, Coconut Moon; 8th Grade Super Zero. We are totally overlooking something obvious and will update when we remember what it is. (We are not overlooking Paul Auster. We find Paul Auster sort of boring. It is fine if you want to break up with us.) ANYWAY. What are YOUR favorite New York books, Author-friends? And goodness, that is a lot of white people on that list we just made, somebody please recommend New York books by writers of color so we can go read them at once, thank you.