We have been sick!!! SICK sick. Hard-drive wiped, Elvis has left the building, can't even eat sick (that last will tell you how sick we are, especially dear friends of the Rejectionist, who are well aware she cannot go more than two hours without at minimum a substantive snack!). This happens to us every so often, when we rather willfully ignore a number of Warning Signs and go gallivanting off into the cold without our coat, you know because of Fashion, and don't eat very well because of Busy, and stay up too late Working on Things and ignore various Obvious Stressors, and top it all off with a lot of sake, and our body is like FINE THEN, FUCK YOU TOO and the next thing you know we are felled like an ox, totally incapable of so much as getting out of bed and making ourself a coffee, should we in any way desire to do so. Perhaps there is a little lesson in there somewhere, ha ha! Ha!

So that is where we have been, very industriously BEING SICK. If we had any clever and charming ideas for things to post about they are quite gone now, so perhaps we shall write this week off as a wash and start again next week, with your forgiveness, dear Author-friends! We did manage, prior to being toppled by Mystery Death Virus, to turn in our book review for A Discovery of Witches, and you will note our EXTREME RESTRAINT and attempt to Find Something Positive, which is quite uncharacteristic for us! We also managed to start reading The Book of Air and Shadows, which is pleasing us tremendously thus far, although we are only a third of the way through and shall perhaps manage to find great fault with it by the end. But there is something so reassuring about reading a literary thriller penned by someone who is clearly a lot smarter than you, isn't there? Not in a show-offy way, just a comforting one. One gets the sense reading, say, The Da Vinci Code, that one could have cobbled together something rather similar based on the results of a few Google searches, but The Book of Air and Shadows is obviously written by someone who is tremendously smart, has spent a whole lifetime being tremendously smart, and who has read any number of excellent books himself. Also, Shakespeare! Sort of a Shakespeare dork, over here. Once we rejected someone's novel because he fucked up his Shakespeare facts and it made us cranky. ANYWAY. That's all! Off to mainline more Nyquil! Happy rest of your week, dear beasts!