So you're all like totally sitting around, thinking, "Dude, remember that band James? They were pretty awesome! Oh also, SOMEONE REALLY NEEDS TO CRITIQUE THE SHIT OUT OF FIVE THOUSAND WORDS OF MY MANUSCRIPT! Plus, I would like to do something nice today, such as help get clean drinking water to people who may not have access to what should really be a basic right!" And, as always, the Rejectionist is here to help!

The lovely Katharine Brauer of That Flighty Temptress is raising money for charity: water! And (OH YOU GUESSED ALREADY, SO SMART, THE AUTHOR-FRIENDS) we have donated a Special Patented Rejectionist Five-Thousand-Words-of-Your-Manuscript Evisceration, With Occasional Soothing Noises, to be auctioned on Monday, April 11th! But even if you are heartily sick of Rejectionists, you can bid on a critique from any number of fabulous persons, including lots of World-Famous Literary Agents, beloved Rejectionist compatriot Editorial Anonymous, and Actual Real Live Published Authors, They Do Still Exist! The schedule of critiques and events is packed with excitement, so review it at once and get your dollars handy! More about Kat's fundraising project here.


"You will be so Sorry you rejected this Manscript it is a Best Seller" -Bob, Madison, WI
"What do you mean, my postmodern exploration of twentysomething angst is not compelling" John, Brooklyn, NY
"Well that's fine ten other agents requested this so who needs you" -Jessica, Tampa, FL
"What if I sent you chocolates" -Mark, Seattle, WA
"Oh wow, you're right, the beginning IS really boring" -Jennifer, Eureka, CA

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Clean out your bank accounts! Get your manuscripts ready! MONDAY APRIL 11TH!!!!!!