In Memoriam

Photo: Carrie Boretz

"What the gay movement has had to depend on in place of any state support whatever is, quite simply, speech. It is speech and visibility that legitimate us. It is speech and visibility that give us any political power we have. It is speech and visibility that, apparently, make us threatening. It is our new speech and assertive visibility that have fueled the resurgent epidemic of homophobic violence. The stunning impact of a group like ACT UP comes, not in the first place from the moral gravity of its program of civil disobedience, but rather from its skill at making the rage, loss, and even pleasure of a large group of people visible, audible, graphically apprehensible. Our speech and visibility were incalculably powerful in the recent [1991] North Carolina senatorial election--powerful for us; powerful when used against us; powerful in ways we can never expect fully to control; but to which, for a politicized body of queer, queer-loving, and antihomophobic citizens, there is very starkly no alternative."

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, May 2, 1950 – April 12, 2009