Adventures for the Very Broke: The Museum of Natural History!

Even if you are very broke, it is still a good idea to leave your apartment. At least once a week. Trust us, we know. New York is, for reals, one of the most expensive towns in the world, but the feisty and resourceful can still gallivant with a minimal fiscal imprint! Our first Adventure: the Museum of Natural History! Admission is $16, but here's a pro tip: "suggested admission" means just that (this goes for most of the big museums in New York, with the exception of the Whitney, which has a free day once a month, and the Guggenheim, which only has ugly art anyway). Nobody will bat an eyelash if you pay much, much less, as long as you are nice about it. That is what museums are FOR!

There are lots and lots and lots of fabulous things to look at in the Museum of Natural History, but let's face it: there's only one reason any sensible person visits. THE DINOSAURS. OBVIOUSLY.

All the good stuff is on the fourth floor. DINOSAURS! THIS DUDE, the glyptodont, otherwise known as the WTF of prehistorical creatures! THE GLYPTODONT IS WEARING A BERET. WHAT.



The stylish roué does not let a limited budget interfere with his or her commitment to sartorial excellence! One way to step up one's game is to coordinate one's ensemble with the exhibits.

Also we tried to get a small child to take our picture in our Bauhaus shirt standing next to the bat exhibit but we may have frightened it. It seemed disinclined to act as a photographer, at any rate. When the Mesozoic has exhausted you, you can cross the street to Central Park, which is quite free.

Go early (the museum opens at ten) and miss the slavering hordes of schoolchildren. Bring a little snack and eat it in the park! Now you are set.