Dear Superior Person: Cinematic Special

O, Esteemed Adjudicator of Universal Righteousness, Defender of Freedoms and Sartorial Fabulousness, Fearless Slayer of Bovine Excrement that Plagueth our Earthly Realm!

Hear us in our plight! Verily we, the toiling masses at your kickass-booted feet, have forsworn "" in favor of our favorite independent bookstores, and gladly shouldered the burden of paying full price on exorbitant (EXORBITANT, I say!) academic tomes from our graduate pittances, in the interest of Greater Justice. (Just think how many more whiskeys we could have drowned our petty sorrows in, had we succumbed to the serpent-haired one!)

Glutton that we are for the glories of martyrdom in the seemingly Sisyphean battle against Mammon, do you have any recommendations on not-evil intertubular independent vendors of DVDs and CDs that might carry foreign, "art house," "experimental, "insert-pretentious-adjective-here," whatnot titles and the like?

We remain,
Your most Grateful and Worshipful Groveling Servants.

Nope! Not at all. We usually just go to the indie video store. But your question was so charming we wanted to post it anyway. Incidentally, we just went to see Daydream Nation with Chérie, and it was about seventeen thousand times more awesome than the preview indicates it will be, and now every time we come across a mediocre thinly-veiled autobiographical novel by a thirtysomething dude we will picture Josh Lucas and cringe. What are you doing at home looking at the internet anyway, GO OUTSIDE.

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