Dear Superior Person

Dear Estimable and Farsighted Leader,

I just noticed this now. Why are you no longer Dropping Mordor on [Our] Party? [This is a reference to our blog header, which read "Dropping Mordor on Your Party" until recently. --ed.]

--Perplexed and Dismayed

It is fair, this question! Sometimes the dropping of Mordor leads to awesome jokes. But! Mordor is fucking heavy, yo! And one day we were kind of like, "Why are we carrying around all this Mordor? Maybe we should be paying more attention to our own party and not worrying so much about other people's parties? Like the Internet would be a way better place if people Mordored their own bad habits and let other folks just chill? And if other people's parties are stupid it is not really any of our business, unless the party tries to MAKE it our business by, for example, saying we do not deserve healthcare because we are poor and have sex, in which case, GLOVES OFF, MOTHERFUCKERS, GET READY FOR MORDOR. But otherwise we should probably be working on our book." That's why.