Ready set go!

SO REMEMBER THIS 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY THING WE ARE DOING!!!!! Let's make it official! We are going on a magical date of Creativity together, Author-friends, you and we! Every Friday in June--with the exception of THIS Friday, WHICH IS OUR BIRTHDAY, AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE ON THE INTERNET ON OUR BIRTHDAY, because we will be too busy wearing SEQUINS and drinking mimosas at Café Gitane and pretending we are rich and famous--er, every Friday in June we will post our Favorite Projects for the week, and if you like, you can post your Projects on your own blog and link to your blog in the comments, and then we can all see each others' Projects! How does that sound? Very thrilling! Maybe this week we will post them on Saturday if we make something exciting. Now we are confusing you. Oops. WHATEVER, IT'S DIY.

We have already made a TO-DO LIST OF CREATIVE PROJECTS for the month, which is maybe a little neurotic and contrary to the purpose of free-spirited discovery so embodied by 30 Days of Creativity, but Type A is how we roll. Which you would not think, to look at our outfits, but there you go. Also it is totally fine if you cheat, we are not a mean yoga teacher or anything. Like we will not make you do pushups if you only do 19 Days of Creativity, or Some Days of Creativity and Then I Accidentally Watched Too Much Netflix, or I Would Be Creative But What the Fuck it is Already 90 Degrees in New York Where is My Gin and Tonic or whatever. IT WILL BE FUN. PROMISE.