When it is Appropriate to Kill Off Your Lady Character: A Short Primer for the Gentleman Writer

The Gentleman Character, a (white, middle-class) teenage boy, is socially awkward/nerdy/Repressed/"inexperienced" and needs to Learn About Life via the vehicle of the (hot, slutty, drunk) "free-spirited" teen Lady Character, also possibly there is a blowjob (his first), but she is like Too Troubled/Mentally Ill/Drug-Addled/whatever. After her untimely death (car accident/OD/suicide) the Gentleman Character reflects with awe upon the lessons imparted to him by this capricious creature's ladybusiness, then goes to college: NOT APPROPRIATE ("Institutionalization" is sometimes substituted for "death" in this scenario: ALSO NOT APPROPRIATE)

The Gentleman Character, a (white, middle-class) fellow, has lots of Dissatisfaction with his life, also his wife like doesn't understand him or whatever, and is writing a long autobiography in a voice that sounds suspiciously like the Author's, but anyway Walter the main character has a wild affair with a (hot, slutty, drunk) "ethnic" Lady Character, things get super steamy, but then he realizes he actually wants his wife, and the "ethnic" Lady Character is abruptly removed by a fatal car accident that is very Expedient to the Plot: NOT APPROPRIATE

The middle-aged Gentleman Character is bored in his marriage and wishes to be set free to embark upon an affair with a (hot, slutty, drunk) young lady, who will teach him about Following his Heart and Embracing Life, also having a Renaissance of Youth, and thus the Lady Character of his wife must be got rid of via a convenient fatal mishap/cancer: NOT APPROPRIATE

Racking up the (hot, slutty, dismembered) Lady Character body count to prove just how Depraved your serial killer is: NOT APPROPRIATE

The Lady Character randomly kills herself/is murdered solely to add Dramatic Interest to a Conflict between two Gentlemen Characters (aka the "Christopher Nolan"): NOT APPROPRIATE