30 Days of Creativity, Week 2!

OH HI, here is our THIRTY DAYS OF CREATIVITY POST!!! We have been very Busy because of our Birthday and Houseguests and various Activities and spending all our time on the IRL and not the WWW. Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes last week, we had a splendid time and did a lot of Frolicking, and ate a great quantity of delicious things, and went to see China Miéville read at WORD with our beloved Chérie l'Ecrivain! And if you were like "Dear Rejectionist, is China Miéville EVEN MORE charming, brilliant, and funny THAN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, also is Embassytown facemelting, also does China Miéville have the best octopuses tattoo ever," the answer is "Yes, yes, and yes." Someday we will have cocktails with CM or something, and we will be all like "Dear China, you are so awesome, but don't you feel that, like a lot of leftist gentlemen, your politics privileges class over a more intersectional analysis that acknowledges race and gender as significant axes of oppression, which are complicated by but not incorporated within class" and China Miéville will be all like "OMG Rejectionist, you are so right, also will you marry me," and we will be like "Well, China, as you know marriage is a hegemonic apparatus of property exchange, so no, but probs we could get matching sleeves, let me check with Support Team, in the meantime here is some Angela Davis." Sure! That will happen. Anyway, did we let all this excitement stop us from OUR CREATIVE PROJECTS? No! We did not.

We have been ogling these Ksubi jeans for a while:

but DAY-UM, they are THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Kind of silly! So we decided to make our own, but as shorts. STEP ONE:


These are a Work in Progress, if we draw on them some more we shall display the results for you poor, patient, tolerant people. Chérie l'Ecrivain rather uncharitably refers to them as our denim underpants, but let us tell you, we have SEEN denim underpants, and these are not they. SO THERE.

Also we made some Motivational Postcards:

Also we worked on a Drawing, we will show you when it is done, and we took a bunch of pictures with our Holga camera, which we will show you if they come out.

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Did you make Projects for 30 Days of Creativity? WHY DON'T YOU LINK TO THEM IN THE COMMENTS. You are the best, Author-friends! For serious! The best! So dear to us. Now go color or something, AND DON'T FORGET TO WRITE YOUR BOOKS.